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Adult Students: Every Wednesday from 7pm – 9pm (CET)

Mejora tu fluidez en inglés
con una clase a la semana

Profesores de Inglés Nativos

Clases a a través de Zoom

  • Todos nuestros profesores tienen gran experiencia dando clases de inglés y cuentan con estudios universitarios, reconocidos por el certificado de calidad ELT. Profesores totalmente formados por nuestra academia para motivar a lo estudiantes y enfocados en los estudiantes.

8 Weeks - € 140

  • Oferta exclusiva
  • Clase de Inglés gratuita cada semana
  • 24 horas de clases
  • Grupos limitados de 2 a 15 estudiantes
  • Estudiantes de todo el mundo
  • Profesores nativos cualificados
  • Test de nivel de idiomas
  • Certificado de asistencia
  • Asistencia durante el curso
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I have been improving my English, during the quarantine, doing online lesson with the Irish College of English. I really enjoy our classes, with an excellent and funny teacher, interesting topics, great classmates and really good support from staff members whenever necessary. We also have free conversation classes, where we spend some time speaking about everything and you can suggest your own subject. I really recommend​ this school to everybody.
Thais Hermes
The English lessons online allowing me to keep study and removing myself from solitude. You can connect from any part of the World through the free video conferencing platform ZOOM, you will find: Really pleasant lessons where there is absolutely no time to get bored learning without even realizing it. Kindness and professionalism like no place else. Many wonderful new friends who have become like me a big multi-ethnic family. I have never studied so willingly! Thanks Irish College of English!
Luisa Numerico