July 2009 Marta Wileczko

July 2009 Marta Wileczko

The teacher knows, how to explain hard things. Course books have very interesting texts and good methods of making exercises.

August 2010 Paloma Perez

I have learned a lot. I am very proud of having been here and happy as well

September 2009 Eric Licht

I’m very pleased with my progress in learning English.

October 2009 Arturo Boem

The teachers were very nice and I had a great time at the school

October 2009 Matteo Latorre

It’s been simply fantastic

November 2009 Ana Belen Moreno Ramos

In my opinion the atmosphere of the class was very good. The teacher is very funny.

November 2009 Bartomen Catala

We had two hours every day learning and teaching. Simon is an excellent teacher. I hope to return

Jan 2010 Aurore Chavez

Good tuition with Simon and Tim. I learned a lot

Jan 2010 Fernanda Martines

I had a good time, my English improved. Simon was very teacher

Feb 2010 Maria Lucia Soboli

I really enjoyed my lessons. John was a great teacher.