Best English School in Ireland – See our Customer Feedback

Our Excellent Student & Parent Feedback

At the Irish College of English, we do our best to ensure that students get the most from their stay with us. We understand the Importance of Excellent Tuition combined with Cultural Activities and a Wonderful Host Family Experience.We are proud to say that our students really enjoy their time with us and many of them return a second and even third time.

Our Satisfaction Statistics

As part of our quality assurance, we ask students for feedback on all aspects of their study stay with us. All students fill in a exit feedback form and in addition once a year we conduct an email survey with our past Adult students and parents of our past Junior Camp students. We do a statistical analysis of this data to give clients an idea of our customer Satisfaction and these are our results from our 2014 Student & Parent Survey.

Over 1000 responses to our Survey were complied with the results below:

Percentage of Students Scoring us Excellent / Very  Good in these Categories

Overall Experience    –    91 %

Host Family Experience  –   95 %

English Language Tuition  –  94 %

Value for Money  –  94 %

Here is a Sample of our Recent Student Feedback

Great people to work with! The facilities are brand new, teachers are super nice for teens and there is a good atmosphere in the school. I’ll be back soon!
Elena from Italy, 2019
I have been improving my English, during the quarantine, doing online lesson with the Irish College of English. I really enjoy our classes, with an excellent and funny teacher, interesting topics, great classmates and really good support from staff members whenever necessary. We also have free conversation classes, where we spend some time speaking about everything and you can suggest your own subject. I really recommend​ this school to everybody.
Thais from Brazil,2019

The Activity after school are really enjoyable, especially you visit some new citys. I really liked to walk around and see new places.

Gaia from Italy, 2017

The after school activities were exciting and wonderful. We visited the museum and do sports on the grass. It is my first experience. I feel really happy and enjoyable.

Nanye from China, 2017

I think our teacher did a great job, involving us in the lesson and stimulating us to speak English. I also think that the books were really helpful. Because they combine grammar and vocabulary.

Beatrice from Italy, 2017

The best family of Malahide and in whole Ireland. The next year I will return here with the same family.

Pol from Spain, 2017

I think that this school has been very very good! Our teacher was excellent and funny! I have learned a lot of beautiful and helpful things and I think that my English has improved. I liked the courses books and the projects too. And thanks to the last one I have made new friends!

Hannah from Germany, 2017

I think that I have won the lottery. I had the best family in Ireland for sure. They have always been very kind with me and with my room-mates. I am very thankful for that.

Martin from Belgium, 2017

Excellent treatment, very friendly and nice – 10/10!!!

Alex from Spain, 2017

The teaching methods were very good and our teacher made every day interesting! We had so much fun and still learned a lot.

Anna from Italy, 2017

My  family was excellent. I really like them. they are so nice. When I go back to Spain I will really miss them.

Irene from Spain, 2017

All the activities in the afternoon and in the evening were all great experiences. The GAA skill session was my favourite. I think I won’t have better Irish activities in my life!

Baptiste from France, 2016

It was my second year here because last year I learnt a lot and this year too. The grammar classes are very good because I learnt essential things for my English. I’m very happy because I had a good teacher. The project every week is very interesting. I think my English is better, thank you ICE school.

Irene from Spain, 2016

My host family is so nice. We have excellent plates the lunch, the breakfast and the dinner. The welcoming is very good. Bette talks with us all the time and it’s very good to practise our English. Bette is the best host family! Thank you very much!

Clara from Italy, 2016

Our classes were amazing and our teacher was the best. I learnt a lot of vocabulary, grammar and also Irish tradition. The best part of the classes was the project and Simon playing the guitar.

Anna from Italy, 2016

My host family was really nice. They are so warm and friendly and make me feel nice in my house. The food was delicious and my bedroom so comfortable. In short, they were perfect.

Marina from Spain, 2016

I really liked afternoon activities. They were funny and they were a good way to stay all together, know each other and visit new places too. I enjoyed a lot the places we visited.

Stella from Germany, 2016

I discovered many places, breathtaking landscapes, interesting castles and museums, new sports. The activities were very good and I spent very good times.

Clarisse from France, 2016

I learned really much in this time. It was a really good combination between school and holidays. I really liked my teachers and learned and understand everything because they also explained everything to me, whenever I had a question.

Isabelle from Austria, 2016

The best family I could ever have. With a son that is the same old as me. Very kind and the house is beautiful and the distance from the school is not so much. Well done!

Kaito from Japan, 2016


I called my student and he was so happy to be at ICE!
He appreciated the school organisation and the teachers. He was also pampered by his host mother! Great!

Elena from Italy, 2015

Roisin is one of the best teacher I have ever met. She’s very nice. She makes us playing games that help us learning new words. I have leant a lot during these three weeks ! We have done projects and games. It has been fantastic.

Silvia from Spain 2015

Lessons were great and useful. I’ve learned a lot of things, especially when we focused on the speaking. In particular, I really liked when we worked in groups.

Alice from Italy, 2015

The host family’s accommodation has been excellent because they take care of me and every time I need something they help me.

Blanca from Spain, 2015

Linda is nice and kind .She cooked my favourite food at dinner.

Tomohiro from Japan,  2015

The teacher Kevin was very nice. He made the lessons really funny. He’s really a nice guy

Lukas from Austria, 2015

I was absolutely satisfied with our class. Mary is really good and we enjoyed everyday, we had a great time and we learned a lot

Dominika from The Czech Republic, 2015

I really like the methods of teaching of Simon and I think he is really good at his job. Thank you very much, Simon, because I think I’ve learned a lot of things during these three weeks.

Jesús from Spain,  2015

The lessons were very interesting and I think I have improved my English

Ines, from Austria, 2015

Everything is okay, our teacher is very nice and friendly and helps us a lot. She asks to everyone of us questions and helped us as much as she could! Thank you

Karina from Spain,  2015

It is a nice way of making our skills better. The teaching method was very nice and teachers were always smiling. We did learn how to improve our skills and it wasn’t difficult at all.

Rosa Lynn from Netherlands, 2015

The classes were fun, because we talked a lot and played games, which was very good!

Marlene from Austria, 2015

We worked a lot thanks to our teacher who was able to involve us in all activities because he joked with us and he was really funny.

Ilaria from Italy, 2015

I really enjoyed lessons and my teacher was great. The activities and the exercises helped to me to improve my English.

Giada from Italy 2015

The class was amazing. I had a lot of fun with the teacher and my classmates! Lessons are fun.

Elisa from Italy 2015

Yes, of course this was a very good and enriching experience for personal and school development. Our daughter and her cousine are already motivated for summer 2015 and will come again !!! They had so much to share . Thanks for all. Thanks for the host family also Betty. She was very nice to the girls and has given them a super welcome. So they will ask to stay by her again.