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At the Irish College of English, we do our best to ensure that students get the most from their stay with us and pride ourselves on being a Quality English School Dublin. We understand the importance of excellent tuition combined with good activities and a wonderful host family experience.

We are proud to say that our students really enjoy their time with us and many of them return a second and even third time

Here is a sample of our recent student feedback attesting to our reputation as a Quality English School Dublin


Student & Parent Feedback

It was a wonderful experience for me to speak English with many differnt nationalities. the teacher was very funny and class is never boring. the atmosphere and the staff is very motivating. My family always helped me and gave me great advice

Julia, Italy 2014

My teacher is the best I ever had. I feel very confident in English now and I love my host family like my own family. ireland is my second home now

Karen, Germany 2014

Everything was just perfect! My teacher really helped improve my English and I met some great people. Everyone there is very helpful and I recommend ICE for everyone. Malahide is a lovely and happy town.

Mariana, Italy 2014

My experience in the ICE was fantastic. The teachers are very good with excellent dynamics. I liked studying in ICE.

Angel, Venezuela 2013

It was a very good English Course. I liked the work. The topics were interesting and I think I do a lot of progress in grammar, vocabulary and conversations.

Guillaume, France 2013

ICE is a very nice school, well organized and with great teachers who make the lessons enjoyable, always with helpful extra materials.

Laura Enciso, Italy 2013

My teacher was incredible, he was a good teacher and very enthusiastic. He has been my best English teacher.

Esther Garcia, Spain 2013

My family were the nicest family I’ve ever met here. I just love the warm environment they give to me when I arrived in Ireland. They’ll always begin a family to me.

Francis, Venezuela 2013

I really enjoyed the classes and I learned a lot! Thanks for everything.

Maximiliano, Brazil 2012

I can learn difficult vocabularies in this class. It’s fantastic for me to study. It helps me to improve my English.

Koji, China, 2012

I really enjoyed my class. We had really good activities during the last three weeks such as learning songs, watching movies, going to the park, but also learning with the book. It was great.

Laura, Italy 202

Your teaching methods, course books, materials are really so good for people who want to learn and to improve their English skills. Also teachers are really good at teaching.

Gizem, Turkey 2012

I had a great time here; the classes were so funny and interesting. I’ve learned a lot these weeks and I’ve laughed so much too.

Aida, Spain 2011

I’ve enjoyed a lot the classes and the high quality of the teachers.

Ana Elena, Italy 2011

My host family was just fantastic! They are lovely. The Host mum is such a nice woman, so maternal and kind to us. I definitely hope to be in the same family next summer.

Isabella, Italy 2011

Simon is my best English teacher. He gave me encouragement and corrected my mistakes. Thank you very much Susan and Ian too

Ha Young from Korea 2010

I was very pleased. Very good teacher, students and homework.

Marina from Spain 2010

Excellent!! Good teacher. I love him!

Annelie from Italy 2010

It was great to study at ICE, especially thanks to John who is a great teacher and a great guy. Ian is also the best as well as the rest of the staff.

Andres from Uruguay 2010

I enjoyed all the lessons. I loved Tim’s teaching methods. The classes were very interesting.

Natalija from Russia 2010

All very good. Thank you for your support. A special mention to John’s tuition and kindness.

Mauro from Italy 2010

I have really enjoyed the classes especially with John & Tim. I hope I had more time to stay in the school and the country.

Mauro from Italy 2010

I am so happy with the school and the teachers. Thanks for everything!

Noelia from Spain 2010

I had a really good time and the teachers are very nice. I have enjoyed all the classes during my course. Simon is the best!

Laura from Spain 2010

I have learnt a lot, because the method that Jonathan used was very good: varied activities to practise the 4 skills. At the same time I enjoy a lot there since there was a fantastic atmosphere inside the class, and outside, because of the staff (very nice).

March 2009 Esther Piqueras

Everything is perfect. Very professional and enjoyable teaching.

April 2009 Akvie Karalevicieive

I am very glad about the teaching methods and course book. I have to say that the school is so good

April 2009 Fabian Silva

It was a nice experience for me. Next time I’ll stay longer than one week. Teachers are very good and patient. I’ll recommend your school to my friends and colleges in Croatia. Thanks.

June 2009 Arsen Linic

My host family is very kind, very friendly. Their house has been my house.

June 2009 Caterina Lamanna

Excellent teacher, I like his teaching methods, he gives many knowledge of Ireland. I have get there an experience of talking. I met many interesting young people there. I was happy there.

June 2009 Arsen Linic

The teacher knows, how to explain hard things. Course books have very interesting texts and good methods of making exercises.

July 2009 Marta Wileczko

I have learned a lot. I am very proud of having been here and happy as well

August 2010 Paloma Perez

I’m very pleased with my progress in learning English.

September 2009 Eric Licht

The teachers were very nice and I had a great time at the school

October 2009 Arturo Boem

It’s been simply fantastic

October 2009 Matteo Latorre

In my opinion the atmosphere of the class was very good. The teacher is very funny.

November 2009 Ana Belen Moreno Ramos

We had two hours every day learning and teaching. Simon is an excellent teacher. I hope to return

November 2009 Bartomen Catala

Good tuition with Simon and Tim. I learned a lot

Jan 2010 Aurore Chavez

I had a good time, my English improved. Simon was very teacher

Jan 2010 Fernanda Martines

I really enjoyed my lessons. John was a great teacher.

Feb 2010 Maria Lucia Soboli

I have a good time and the teacher is very nice. I’ve enjoyed all classes during my course. Simon is the best

Feb 2010 Laura Saiz

Very good teachers, Tim & Simon. I hope to come back another year.

Feb 2010 Rosine Tarte

I had a great experience. The teacher was very creative. I really liked my classmates and made many friends. It was an amazing experience.

Rodrigo from Spain, 2014

Everything was just excellent! Teacher was extremely friendly and intelligent. I liked his natural approach. Activities are very interesting and host family is like my own family in Ireland. I don’t want to go home.

Andrea, 2014

My teacher is a perfect teacher. They were the most interesting classes which I’ve ever had. I had a lot of experience of talking with people from different countries and I improved my English grammar with her help. My host family are a very lovely friendly couple. I already love them like my parents. They are very polite to me. I really like to spend time with them. I hope to come back next year. I was in America and England and also lived in host families but my Irish family are the best.

Igor from Russia, 2014

In this school the student work very hard but it is fantastic! I met new friend coming from all part of the world. the teacher was kind and taught me many thing. An experience not to be forgotten!

Carlotta, Italy, 2014

ICE is one of the best schools I’ve ever been to. Friendly atmosphere, well trained staff and absolute devotion made us enjoy every minute of our stay

Rimma, Group Leader, 2014

The activity is really funny and I love it ‘cause I meet a lot of people of all the world.

David Vigna, Italy 2013

They are very kind people, they always help you and take care of you, they are very nice! I felt very well in their house.

Anna-Katherina Schmidt, Germany 2013

Really nice teacher, very good merhods because I improved mz English A LOT! Thank you very much for that.

Gardatte, France 2013

I could not have asked for anything better. I love my host family, they talk with me all the time, they give me what I need and they are very friendly. The house is always clean and the food is so good. I’ve enjoyed all my time in the host family.

Teresa, Spain 2012

I have a great experience in the course. Thank you very much. Teachers were very good. They are the best. Exercises were brilliant.

Liliya, Russian 2012

Our activity programme was very good because every day we go in different place for example GAA Stadium, play games, tennis, golf, football, shopping, etc.

Filippo, Italian 2012

I love this family. They are very, very, very friendly, nicely good people. My bedroom is very big. I don’t want to return home, because I prefer to stay here with my Irish family. I love my host mum’s dinner. I want to repeat the next year with this family because they are the best. I want to say thanks for all they did for me.

Nerea, Spain 2012

Great teacher, I’ve learned a lot with her. She is fantastic and she made the class very interesting.

Fernando, Italy 2011

My teacher was perfect. The lessons were very entertaining and we learned a lot without getting bored.

Alba, Spain 2011

He is the best teacher that I know. Classes were fantastic.

Stefan, Germany 2011

It was great. I spent a lovely time learning English.

Nacho, Spain 2011

Really cool lessons, very interesting subjects, not boring.

Valerie, France 2011

Really funny, we laughed a lot. Excellent teacher.

Aleksandra, Russia 2011

I have spent a great time during the afternoon activities.

Laura, Italy 2011

Teacher was very good and the lessons interesting

Anne, Germany 2011

We did many interesting activities and we had a really kind leader.

Santiago, Spain 2011

Were good and very funny. I saw many beautiful places.

Tullio, Italy 2011

The activities were very interesting, funny and fantastic.

Sandra, Italy 2011

Very nice and interesting. We also had a lot of free time, which was really nice.

Merlijn, Netherland 2011

The host family was perfect. They treated me like their own daughter and I felt at home.

Alba, Spain 2011

Really nice and very kind people. Perfect, because close to the school.

Valerie, France 2011

My host family was simply fantastic! It was very useful for my English because they spoke a lot with me.

Daniele, Italy 2011

My family has been excellent, the food was really great and it I come back next year I will stay with them again.

Jorge, Spain 2011

My family has been really friendly and reliable. The food was delicious and I really really really enjoyed my stay here in Malahide.

Michele, Italy 2011

She is a sweet, caring woman, who cooks really nice food. Her house is cosy and the atmosphere was good. I really felt at home.

Aleksandra, Russia 2011

Probably the best family you could have.

Santiago, Spain 2011

My family is the best. This family is wonderful.

Andrea, Spain 2011

My son had a wonderful few weeks last Summer there. Thank you one more time for your hospitality and absolutely perfect organisation of the process.

Alexander Babinskiy 2010

Thank you for the perfect organisation of the holiday for my daughter. She came back home very satisfied with the school and with the family and probably we will send her again next year. This is a really “a really perfect customer service”

Nicoletta Marangoni 2010

Your Summer course has been a great and interesting experience for our son. He arrived very happy and desiring to come back again to Malahide. He has improved his English and also enjoyed being with people from around the world.

Ernest Abadal 2010

I would like to thank you and your colleagues in school for teaching my daughter English so well. Especially I would like to say thanks to her host family for looking after my daughter during all the three weeks. She was very much satisfied with the activity in the school and with the family.

Marjana Pavlic 2010

Very good! Here is the best place in my life. I enjoyed learning English very well. Thank you very much!!

Jun-u from Japan 2010

The lessons were very interesting and the teachers very friendly. The classes weren’t too big and there was a good atmosphere. I enjoyed every lesson because there was not too much pressure but at the same time, I learned a lot.

Nina from Germany 2010

The classes are very good. I think I have learnt many different things. Doing the project was a very good idea and the book is very interesting.

Sandra from Spain 2010

The school is very beautiful. In the class, there is a homely atmosphere. The lessons were very interesting. We used our project books in which we draw, write and so on..

Francesco from Italy 2010

We did lots of activities. The teacher was very nice, kind and we learned a lot of new things; books, computers .. Congratulations to the teacher!

Guillaume from France 2010

Dear Deirdre, Thanks for your last message with comments.

Eddie has returned home with a lot of compliments about the organization

and already wants to go back with you next year for 3 weeks….

We are very grateful to all people involved in the school program as well

as with the hosting family with whom Eddie has spent some great moments.

Like you said Eddie enjoyed every aspects of the Irish way of living he encountered

during his first stay by himself; he even loved the weather…

Thank you very much to all team for this success.

Best regards,

Didier 2009

ALL PERFECT! Thank you for all. You are a lovely family! I Love you! See you later!

July 2009 Africa Alonso

This is my last day in this school…What can I say? I’m sorry I have to go. I wish I could stay longer, but I can’t. Time has gone by. I’ve really enjoyed my stay here. With regard to the English course, I have to say that…It couldn’t have been better! Simon is a very good teacher, well qualified and friendly at the same time. I like his teaching method. I’ve enjoyed all his classes, thanks to which I have really improved my English. (I hope so!) If somebody asked me an advice, I would surely encourage them to come. I’ll come back, soon or later! Thanks a lot, Nicolette

July 2009 Nicoletta Fittipaldi

Kevin is the best teacher ever. His lessons are good and funny. I enjoyed the classes and the teaching methods

August 2009 Gabriele Zaromskyte

Classes, teaching methods, syllabus, course book, materials used were very excellent in fact I stayed very good here and I enjoyed myself. The teaching methods was very exciting and interesting, it was a very good teaching methods! The structure of the school is very good.

“The activities that I attended were very interesting and especially the visits that I with my group did. In our classes we listened to Irish music, We watched films and we played very interesting games. It was very very nice. The school organized very exciting excursions in Dublin and in Glendalough and Carlington.

August 2009 Luca Navarria

My host family was FANTASTIC. Lorraine is a very good Mum and she cooks very good. I spend a funny time with them she was always available for every things. Her son were perfect and Ciara cooks a cakes very well. ALWAYS WAS PERFECT I hope that I will spend another time with this fantastic FAMILY THANK YOU VERY MUCH

July 2009 Arianna Della Dora

I think the tuition at ICE is very interesting course there are Spain, Portuguese, French, Italy, Japanese…people and, for we talk each other we must speak English.

July 2009 Luis Alonso

Dear Deirdre and Susan – Just a quick message once back home at the end of the summer to let you know that my daughter Barbara Castellanos and her friends Pilar Medrano and Pablo Cuerno enjoyed the Swords program a lot.

They learned a lot of English with excellent teachers and had a very good time. The families were very nice (Barbara was particularly happy at Adrianne’s home). We hope they can repeat the experience in the future. All the best,

Maria Duenas

Dear Deirdre thank you very much for your writing.

Martino has really enjoyed his staying in Malahide and studying at ICE. I have the inpression that he “also” (…!) learned a lot. I will for sure recommend your school to other friends. Than you very much also for the three months free E-learnig program. Kind Reguards

Marta Graziadei

I like the way of teaching so much. For the first time I understand some things […]

June 2009 De Nobili

Very good accommodation! Very helpful family!

August 2009 Filippo Garofalo

Simon holds really interesting lessons, never boring. We improved our skills during the lessons – listening, writing and speaking – which I think is essential in every language course. We had the opportunity to learn a lot of English idioms. This is a part that I particularly enjoyed.

July 2009 Alice Lonphin

The food was really good and they made us feel at home.

July 2009 Alice Lonphin

The organisation was almost perfect.

June 2009 Alessandra Baffa

I like the teaching methods very much, because we speak a lot!

July 2009 Chiara Bianzani

We have an excellent teacher! The best one, thank you!!!

July 2009 Elena Motta

We visited lots of places and saw some very interesting museums. It was great fun in the afternoons!

July 2009 Elizabeth Terzieva

I really enjoyed learning English in Grace’s class during these two weeks. Grace is a fantastic teacher. I recommend her to every person who wants to learn the English language and have a really nice time. Thank you very much Grace!

July 2009 Remy Maxime

My family was so nice! I’m very happy that I‘ve met them. I’ve spoken very much English with them.

July 2009 Helene Lemourre

Gareth is one of the best teachers in the school. I’m going to miss him a lot. He is very funny and I have learned a lot.

July 2009 Maria Estelles

Our class was very nice and I met many friends there. I am very happy, because my English is better now!

August 2009 Noemi Barozzi

I love my family in Malahide!

July 2009 Patricia

I think that Austin is the best English teacher I’ve seen, the lessons were so interesting and also funny! I very enjoyed the lessons time and also the break time. That is one of the most important experience I’ve made until now.

August 2009 Damiano Bertourri

The activity programme is great. I love it. I want to come to Ireland again.

Manuela Trendafilova

The progress of teaching was very well organized. We improved speaking, and everyday taught new words. Austin helped us a lot at lessons. In general, the atmosphere of the class was comfortable and quiet. I enjoyed to be with this teacher.

August 2009 Olga Nepomshina

Absolutely amazing!

July 2009 Mattia Quinteri

Our teacher was so nice. She transforms boring subjects in interesting subjects. And we have a lot of fun at study in class.

July 2009 Baudet Bastier

My teacher, Austin, is a very good teacher, because every lesson he asked student about their activities […] He is very kind and process of the lesson is very interesting.

August 2009 Evgeny Borisenko

My host family is simply the best.

August 2009 Giulia Bonaldo

Loreane was so lovely! She talked with us a lot and was always warm and friendly.

August 2009 Christina John