Covid 19 Guidelines for Students


Last Updated 17th May 2021

Covid 19 and Irish College of English Programmes

At the Irish College of English, the health and safety of all our staff, students, host families and the communities in which we operate is our priority. We are keeping up to date with all government recommendations in relation to Covid 19 and will follow best practice in this regard to ensure the well-being of all of our staff and clients now and in the future.

Under certain level restrictions our courses will be all online, otherwise courses will be running as normal and we also have Online class options by zoom available. For all our programmes we have enhanced safety and cleaning protocols to ensure we follow all guideline surrounding Covid 19. We also practice social distancing at our premises and require all staff and students to wear face masks. Hand sanitising stations are available throughout the school. We will continue to update our policies and ensure a safe and enjoyable educational experience for everyone.

What date is the school due to reopen for Face-to-face classes?

June 2021

What courses will be available?

Full-time General English Morning Courses,  Part-time Evening Courses offering General English and Cambridge Exam Preparation Classes, One to One Classes, Ministay & Group Stays from Sept 2021 and Junior Summer Camp 2022. We also have ongoing Junior Online Virtual Programmes and Online Virtual Summer Camps 2021.

How will Irish College of English ensure the safety of students and staff at the school?

By strictly following guidelines from the Irish Government and by keeping up to date with the latest advise from the Health Service Executive (HSE), we have put measures in place that will make it possible for a safe return to school. The measures we have in place are as follows 1. The wearing of masks in the school building at all times is mandatory. 2. Ensuring good hand hygiene / frequent Hand sanitising There are 3 hand sanitizer stations within the school in the following locations; • At the front door • At reception • At the back of the building beside th fire exit. 3. Physical distancing Currently the school is operating with less than 30% occupancy. This makes keeping a safe social distance easier along with the following measures: • We have reduced our capacity to allow at least a metre distance between students in each class • Class grouping or ‘pods’ to limit the contact and sharing of common facilities • Staggered start/finish/break times • One-way systems throughout the school • Each class will have one teacher to reduce the risk of contamination from one class to another 4. Cleaning and disinfection • Cleaning plans have been implemented to enable better protection against COVID-19 including thorough daily cleaning • Disinfection of potentially contaminated surfaces regularly throughout the day. • Students are responsible for cleaning personal items that have been brought to the school such as mobile phone and should avoid leaning them down on communal surfaces. 5. Signage There will be signage throughout the school to remind people to keep a social distance and to follow the measures in place to prevent the risk of infection.

How will I contact the school if I have a concern?

You can call or email the office on 01 8453744 or

What should I do if I develop symptoms of COVID-19?

If you develop symptoms including fever, new cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties or loss of change to their sense of smell or taste you should not attend school. You should phone your doctor and follow guidance on self-isolation. You doctor will advise whether COVID-19 testing is required and will arrange testing if necessary.

Can I continue to take classes by Zoom

Students that are under the high-risk group, or need to self-isolate can continue to take the classes via zoom. Students attending the academic year program will need a doctor certificate for their absence.

What is the position if I have arrived/returned from abroad?

We hope that Ireland will soon implement the ‘Green Digital Certificate’ that will allow travel without the need for self isolation on arrival. However, It is currently a requirement for anyone coming into Ireland, from locations other than those with a rating of ‘normal precautions’ (“green”), to restrict their movements for 14 days. This includes students coming from abroad to attend school in Ireland. Restricting your movements means staying indoors in one location and avoiding contact with other people and social situations as much as possible. The school has a duty of care to all of its pupils and staff members. If a school has reasonable grounds for believing that its duty of care toward its staff and pupils is being undermined in circumstances where a person – staff member or pupil – has not observed the mandatory requirement to restrict movements for 14 days following return from a non-green list country. It is reasonable for the school to refuse access to the pupil or staff member during this period.

If students are leaving and returning to Ireland during their course (e.g. they are going on holidays) they must inform the school of their travel plans and flight details. Depending on where they are going they may have to restrict their movements for 14 days upon their return to Ireland and will not be able to join face-to-face classes during that time. There will be no online component to make up for these classes. The advice is not to travel outside Ireland at the moment. Before returning to school after holidays students must re-submit the Covid-19 Self-Declaration Form.

Where can I get some advice on COVID-19 as an international student?

The Irish Council for International Students (ICOS), has put together information about the health, travel, educational and well-being matters, that international students may need to be aware of. If you have a COVID-19 related travel query, you can call the Department of Foreign Affairs advice centre on 01 613 1733.

What are the accommodation options?

At the moment we are not offering host family accommodation but hope to have our accommodation available from August 2021.

What is the cancellation policy if I book a course now and then I am unable to attend?

Our ‘2021 Book with Confidence Guarantee’ allows individuals and groups travelling to Ireland, to cancel free of charge until 7 days before arrival. If you need to cancel within 7 days of arrival we will offer a free postponement of course which will be valid until the end of 2022. No refunds will be given for stays cancelled within 7 days of arrival.

What happens if the school must close during my course?

In this situation, all our courses will be moved online.