Mini-Stay Groups 2022/2023

Our Ministay Short Stay Programmes run from September to June and attract school and tour groups from all over the world. We believe in working closely with teachers and leaders pre-arrival to ensure we have the correct syllabus and programme in place to provide a rewarding and enjoyable experience for your students. Malahide is a safe, coastal village just 20 minutes from the city centre, giving your students the opportunity to see the best of Dublin while living a safe, less populated area. We meet all groups at Dublin Airport with a friendly face to start your journey of a thousand welcomes in Ireland. With over 30 years of experience in providing English language mini stays, we understand the importance of providing academic and activity programmes specifically tailored for your group and have developed our programme to offer the best possible experience.

Tailored Group Programmes

Design your Programme


As part of our continuous efforts to maintain high-quality classes and to enhance our students’ experience, we work with schools or leaders before arrival to design the syllabus and activity programme around your students’ needs. You can choose our standard programme or we can offer a range of programme options or work with you to design a programme to meet your needs. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced and we can cater for groups from beginners to bilingual students.

Tailor your standard syllabus programme:

  • Add extra hours of English classes
  • Focus on exam preparation
  • Beyond Fluent Irish literature and culture
  • Project-based classes
  • Design your own programme

Tailor your standard activity programme:

  • Choose your activities
  • Add evening activities

Sample Programme

  • Занятия английским языком – 15 часов в неделю, Пон-Пт 9.00 – 12.15
  • Packed Lunch at School: 12.15pm – 12.40pm
  • 5 Half-Day Activities per week: 12.40pm – 5.00pm
  • 1 субботняя экскурсия на полный день за пределами Дублина

Mini-Stays-Timetable Evening Activities English Classes Ireland

*Our School video (as shown above) can be used to promote your Groups to potential parents and give them an impression of our school. The Video shows our Summer Camps which is similar to our closed groups from Sept to June.


Ministay Photo Gallery

A Breath of Fresh Air

Our Malahide Location allows students enjoy the benefits of seeing the highlights of Dublin, but living in a quieter seaside area which is less populated and benefits from ‘A breath of Fresh Air’. Our Dublin Coastal Town Location of Malahide, is ideal as a safe place with easy reach of Dublin, offering parents and students and leaders peace of mind.

Malahide, Dublin

Our Ministays are held in Malahide, Dublin. Malahide is on Dublin’s coastline and one or Ireland’s most picturesque and affluent towns. Our school has built its reputation on the quality of our Host families all of which are within walking distance of the school. Students experience Irish life in a safe friendly town with easy access to Dublin City for our sightseeing tours.

The Irish College of English has been in the heart of Malahide for over 25 years. Situated on Dublin’s coastline, Malahide’s many attractions include Malahide Castle, a Beautiful Seaside Village, Marina and Coastal Walks. Our location offers students the best possible experience of Dublin. Students enjoy Dublin City’s highlights while living in a safe residential area. Uniquely, our juniors can either walk to school or are a very short bus journey away in surrounding neighborhoods. Malahide is just 22 minutes by Dart to Dublin City Centre and 10 mins from Dublin Airport making it a great option for a Junior stay.

Recognition & Reputation

We are recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland, for English Language Education. We have also been locally and internationally recognised for the quality experiences we offer and continue to receive excellent parent and student feedback.

Мы были рады, что проголосовали Best Language School in Ireland 2019’ by students based on Google and Facebook ratings. Uniquely, this Education Stars Award is based on student ratings only. We were also awarded 2nd Place for ‘"Лучшая языковая школа" в The Irish Education Awards 2021. Кроме того, мы были Первой языковой школой в Ирландии, которая когда-либо была включена в шорт-лист конкурса Study Travel Magazine Star Awards – Курс юниоров до 18 лет в номинации "Мировая промышленность". в 2015 году и снова были включены в шорт-лист в 2016 году. 2017 и 2019. Мы также были включены в шорт-лист за Лучшая Европейская Школа Английского Языка в 2017 и 2019 годах.

Award-Winning – Malahide Chamber of Commerce ‘Service Excellence Award’ for a clear demonstration of excellent and consistent customer service. Also the prestigious ‘Organisation of the Year Award‘ in 2016 .


Professional English Classes

We have a specially designed Junior Syllabus to encourage your students’ progression and confidence. We can adapt our syllabus to cater for your students’ needs and offer a wide range of possible lesson plans. We believe in real materials and growing to love the language by living it. Classes are closed and have a maximum of 15 students per class. 15 full hours tuition per week and use of text book is included (Classes 9.00am to 12.15pm each day with a 15 minute break). As part of our continuous efforts to maintain high quality classes and to enhance our student’s intercultural experience, we have weekly lessons called the Intercultural Teenage Programme.  Irish, teenage students will join lessons to lead an exercise alongside teacher which allows our students the opportunity to connect with Irish teenagers, their peers and we have had an incredibly positive response to this programme.


Выбор дат

We are flexible regarding arrival and departure days and times and we accept stays from 4 nights to 4 weeks.  We meet all groups at Dublin airport and operate professional airport transfers 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.

Group Size

We cater for groups from 15 plus students and can cater for groups up to 140 students at any one time.


English Classes

Mini Stay Irish College of English Certificate

Building English Fluency

The Irish College of English is recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland, for English Language Teaching. Progression is our focus and we aim to develop a love of the language in our students. As part of our academic policy, students are evaluated pre-arrival and placed in the correct level. On completion of their course, students receive a progress report from their teacher and a certificate of attainment.

Lessons are held every morning, from Monday to Friday and each course is supported by its own carefully planned syllabus and course book. Lessons focus on developing the core language skills, with specific emphasis given to speaking and listening. We use highly interactive exercises и task- based projects to refine and amplify our students’ communication skills. We will work with you to design the syllabus that suits your students. We are flexible and adaptable.

As part of our continuous efforts to maintain high-quality classes and to enhance our students’ experience, we have introduced the Intercultural Irish Teenage Programme. Each week Irish teenagers join lessons to lead an exercise alongside our teachers giving your students the opportunity to connect with Irish teenagers. We have had an incredibly positive response to this programme.



When you choose our standard programme with activities everything is included, there are no extra charges for registration or administration. All activities, travel passes, entrance fees and meals are included.


We have a specially designed Junior Syllabus to encourage your students’ progression and confidence. We believe in real materials and growing to love the language by living it. Classes are closed and have a maximum of 15 students per class. 15 full hours tuition per week and use of text book is included (Classes 9.00am to 12.15pm each day with a 15 minute break).

Межкультурная подростковая Ирландская программа

Для того чтобы обеспечить высокое качество наших занятий и усовершенствовать опыт, полученный нашими учениками в ходе обучения, мы разработали уникальную межкультурную молодежную программу. Каждую неделю ирландский подросток присоединяется к занятиям и, работая наравне с преподавателем, позволяет студентам узнать о том, как живут в Ирландии их ровесники. Реакция студентов на данную программу оказалась невероятно позитивной.


All our accommodation is in homestays in Malahide in walking distance of our school. We guarantee one nationality per family or you can place your students in pairs. Our hosts typically take 2-3 students at a time with a maximum of 2 students per bedroom. Families will do students’ laundry as part of their normal home routine. We carefully match students with families.


Families provide breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal. Meals are nutritious and we can cater for special diets on request.

Ежедневные мероприятия

If you opt for our activity programme students have a full schedule from 9am – 5pm each day from Monday to Friday. Classes in the morning and activities & tours in the afternoon. You can opt to add an experienced Irish Leader to accompany your group on all activities (for an additional cost). Our students go to Dublin City Centre at least twice a week and have an engaging fun programme of tours, sports, shows and leisure activities.

Full – Day Trips

If you opt for our activity programme each Saturday your group will have a full-day trip to see the best of the surrounding areas. Examples of Day Trips are Glendalough, Kilkenny, Belfast, Dublin Zoo.

Проездной билет

With our activity programme students and leaders receive a Dublin Travel Pass for unlimited public transport for the duration of their stay, students use the travel pass for the activity programme and travel within Malahide.

Airport Transfers

We collect all groups from Dublin Airport and from here you will take a private coach to Malahide which just takes 10 minutes. You will be met by your host families to begin your experience.

24/7 Support 

All our students and group leaders have our emergency number which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our team is always available and ready to assist.

Студенческий отчет & Сертификат

Students receive a Certificate of Attendance and Attainment at the end of their course and also an individual hand-written teacher report on their progress.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Students are woken by their host mum, have a shower and eat breakfast. Students are given a packed lunch for the day. Students walk to school and return home at about 6 pm after their tuition and activity programme. On returning home, students have dinner with their host family and chat about what happened that day. Students may spend the evening relaxing and chatting with the family or meet up with friends in the locality. A strict curfew applies when all students must be home. Students and families have 24 hour access to an emergency phone number and a member of our team is always on duty to help.

Our ministay stay programme operates closed groups. This means that your group will be split into classes based on maximum of 15 students per class e.g. Group size 28 students = 2 Classes. We generally will have a few different groups in the school at any time. So there will be students in the school of different nationalities and also in the home stay but classes are closed. We operate a closed system as groups generally have different educational and level requirements and it makes for the best academic experience.

We base a 1 week stay on 7 nights accommodation, 2 weeks on 14 nights. Groups can arrive any date of the week with stays from 4 nights upwards. We are very flexible as to arrival/departure time so please book best available flights and we can organise airport transfers.

Максимальное количество студентов на класс – 15, в среднем число учеников редко превышает 13.

Leaders stay in host families specificially for leaders and adults and have single room full board. Guest house options are also available.

Все наши учителя имеют степень Бакалавра по специальности Преподавание Английского языка и признаны ACELS как квалифицированные преподаватели английского языка как иностранного языка.

По приезде все наши студенты проходят тестирование, а так же наблюдаем за их прогрессом, включая еженедельное тестирование, поэтому студенты имею возможность передвигаться по уровням если мы видим, что их нынешний класс не соответствует действительности.

We can offer all level of class and can also include elements designed specifically for what your group requires e.g. project work, culture, literature, Cambridge exam work, fluency training etc

we will agree this with you pre arrival, but it is generally 9pm.

Да, наш номер экстренной помощи доступен круглосуточно, и мы всегда на связи если вам необходима помощь.

Hosts will show students to school. On arrival they will be given welcome information and shown to their class.

Все текущие предложения будут опубликованы на нашем сайте, и вы сможете найти их во вкладке «Предложения».

Да, мы предоставляем письмо всем студентам, приезжающим из стран, не входящих в ЕС и которым необходима виза для въезда в Ирландию.

Депозит в размере 200 евро необходимо оплатить во время бронирования. Оставшаяся сумма должна быть внесена не позднее чем за 4 недели до приезда в колледж.

Депозит возврату не подлежит. Остаток суммы будет возвращен если отмена бронирования будет произведена не позднее чем за 21 день до даты приезда.

Yes typically once a week by the host.

Да, вы получите список необходимых вещей и руководство для студентов до приезда в школу.

Нет, студентам нельзя покидать Малахайд/Портмарнок без письменного разрешения от родителей, и мы настоятельно рекомендуем родителей наших студентов не поощрять поездки в Дублин в одиночестве.

Нет, вам необходимо самостоятельно забронировать билеты на самолет.

В среднем половина наших студентов приезжает отдельно, другая половина – организованными группами. Во время послеполуденных мероприятий все одиночные студенты объединяются и распределяются по возрасту, чтобы им было легче заводить новых друзей.

Our age range is from 11 to 17 years of age, however students in the group who are 18 and over can attend adult classes.

Yes, all students and group leaders receive a Handbook and Packing List pre arrival.

Вы получите полной описание своей принимающей семьи, включая карту с местонахождением дома за 3 недели до приезда.

Да, в описании вы найдете контактный емйэл принимающей семьи.

Мы всегда рядом чтобы помочь, и непременно, если возникнет такая проблема, поменяем размещение или класс для вашего ребенка, а также поможем в любой другой ситуации.

Да, студенты наших курсов с размещением в принимающих семьях довольно часто остаются без сопровождающих, например, по пути из школы или в школу, вечерами и в течении свободно времени.

We have a member of our staff wait for your group at the airport. We will have a coach waiting who will take you the short journey to Malahide (10 mins) where your host families will be waiting for the group.

All our hosts are from our locality which means they are all within walking distance of our school or a very short bus journey away. This ensures they are members of the local community which we feel is very important. We visit all hosts and ensure they and their homes are suitable for hosting students. We also ensure all family members are garda vetted and continually monitor feedback to ensure we work only with welcoming caring hosts.

Most families host 2 or 3 students at a time with a maximum of 2 students per room. You can choose to place our students in pairs or one per family and there will probably be another nationality student in the home also attending our school with another group.

No, we guarantee one nationality per house unless your students wish to stay in pairs etc.

Student either walk to and from school (within a 30 minute walk) or take a short bus journey. As students have a travel pass with most programmes they can also take a local bus for a few stops if they prefer not to walk.

Воскресение – это свободный день для отдыха, мы просим наши семьи и студентов провести как минимум полдня вместе. Студенты так же могут встретиться с друзьями, но обязаны оставаться в пределах Малахайда/Портмарнока.

Yes we can cater for some special diets within reason, just check with us pre-booking and sometimes a supplement will apply.

Your child will receive a certificate of attainment and attendance and also an individual teachers report on their progress.

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