Adult Combination English CE20​

Combination English CE20

About this Course

The Combination English Courses combine 15 hours of General English tuition with 5 or 10 hours of private One-to-One classes per week. 

The One-to-One classes allow students to focus on specific areas they have identified for improvement or specialist areas of English.

Quality Tuition

One-to-One classes

For students who want to focus on specific language development and see rapid results, we highly recommend a programme of one-to-one lessons. Our motivated teachers work intensively with students to ensure maximum progress.


Full-time 20 hours General English + 5 hours One-to-One Lessons
1 Week€ 500
2 Weeks€ 975
3 Weeks€ 1,410
4 Weeks€ 1,785
A registration fee of € 60 applies to all adult courses and includes a text book

Course Includes:

  • Selected Number of Weeks Tuition
  • Registration
  • Course Book


Academic Schedule:
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