Learner Protection

Learner Protection

At the Irish College of English, we prioritise the welfare and security of our students.

As part of our commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment, we provide learner protection insurance for all ILEP students through the Arachas Enrolled Learner Protection Programme and MEI learner protection to all students.

Arachas Enrolled Learner Protection Programme

This insurance coverage, provided by Aviva Insurance Ireland DAC, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, ensuring the highest standards of protection for our students. Under this group policy, students are safeguarded in the event that a programme ceases prematurely.

In compliance with Section 5A14 of the Arrangements Applying to English Language Programmes, we ensure that our learner protection arrangements meet the necessary standards outlined by regulatory authorities. These arrangements cover students from the moment of enrolment and payment of fees until the completion of the program and the end-of-programme exams.

MEI Learner Protection

As members of MEI we are covered by the MEI learner protection insurance and in the case of a school closing students will be able to complete their studies at another MEI school at no additional cost. This will be facilitated by the MEI office and the placement to another MEI language school will be coordinated in a fast and stress-free manner.


Our insurance arrangements are structured to guarantee comprehensive coverage for each individual student, with clear communication of policy details and claims procedures provided by the insurance provider. Additionally, we adhere to academic bonding arrangements to ensure continuity of education in the event of program disruption, with strict guidelines in place to maintain transparency and accountability. 


We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in safeguarding the interests of our students, and we remain dedicated to upholding the highest standards of learner protection. Any proposed changes to our learner protection arrangements are subject to approval by relevant authorities, ensuring the ongoing security and well-being of our student community.


At the Irish College of English, we are committed to providing not only quality education but also peace of mind for our students and their families through robust learner protection measures.