Have you ever wondered why we associate Easter with chocolate? Is this just a smart marketing  tactic by large food producers or was the humble egg referred to in the Bible?

Well it seems it is a little bit of both.  Some people associate eggs with new life, especially the pagans who celebrated the  new spring with eggs,  and when Christianity came to the new world the Church adapted some pagan practices to make conversion of the locals easier. The festival of Easter is about the death and resurrection of Christ and the symbol of the egg has been assimilated into these celebrations representing the rebirth of Christ.

In later years children went from painting eggs to receiving egg shaped gifts and then during the 19th century the production of chocolate eggs began in France and Germany with some of the first eggs being completely solid, now most eggs are hollow with a treat inside.

I have heard from a good source that we should all keep our eyes peeled around the school on Good Friday for some tasty chocolaty treats…. YUM !!