Mauro from Italy 2010

Mauro from Italy 2010

All very good. Thank you for your support. A special mention to John’s tuition and kindness.

Mauro from Italy 2010

I have really enjoyed the classes especially with John & Tim. I hope I had more time to stay in the school and the country.

Noelia from Spain 2010

I am so happy with the school and the teachers. Thanks for everything!

Laura from Spain 2010

I had a really good time and the teachers are very nice. I have enjoyed all the classes during my course. Simon is the best!

March 2009 Esther Piqueras

I have learnt a lot, because the method that Jonathan used was very good: varied activities to practise the 4 skills. At the same time I enjoy a lot there since there was a fantastic atmosphere inside the class, and outside, because of the staff (very nice).

April 2009 Akvie Karalevicieive

Everything is perfect. Very professional and enjoyable teaching.

April 2009 Fabian Silva

I am very glad about the teaching methods and course book. I have to say that the school is so good

June 2009 Arsen Linic

It was a nice experience for me. Next time I’ll stay longer than one week. Teachers are very good and patient. I’ll recommend your school to my friends and colleges in Croatia. Thanks.

June 2009 Caterina Lamanna

My host family is very kind, very friendly. Their house has been my house.

June 2009 Arsen Linic

Excellent teacher, I like his teaching methods, he gives many knowledge of Ireland. I have get there an experience of talking. I met many interesting young people there. I was happy there.