Filippo, Italian 2012

Filippo, Italian 2012

Our activity programme was very good because every day we go in different place for example GAA Stadium, play games, tennis, golf, football, shopping, etc.

Nerea, Spain 2012

I love this family. They are very, very, very friendly, nicely good people. My bedroom is very big. I don’t want to return home, because I prefer to stay here with my Irish family. I love my host mum’s dinner. I want to repeat the next year with this family because they are the best....

Fernando, Italy 2011

Great teacher, I’ve learned a lot with her. She is fantastic and she made the class very interesting.

Alba, Spain 2011

My teacher was perfect. The lessons were very entertaining and we learned a lot without getting bored.

Stefan, Germany 2011

He is the best teacher that I know. Classes were fantastic.

Nacho, Spain 2011

It was great. I spent a lovely time learning English.

Valerie, France 2011

Really cool lessons, very interesting subjects, not boring.

Aleksandra, Russia 2011

Really funny, we laughed a lot. Excellent teacher.

Laura, Italy 2011

I have spent a great time during the afternoon activities.

Anne, Germany 2011

Teacher was very good and the lessons interesting