July 2009 Maria Estelles

July 2009 Maria Estelles

Gareth is one of the best teachers in the school. I’m going to miss him a lot. He is very funny and I have learned a lot.

August 2009 Noemi Barozzi

Our class was very nice and I met many friends there. I am very happy, because my English is better now!

July 2009 Patricia

I love my family in Malahide!

August 2009 Damiano Bertourri

I think that Austin is the best English teacher I’ve seen, the lessons were so interesting and also funny! I very enjoyed the lessons time and also the break time. That is one of the most important experience I’ve made until now.

Manuela Trendafilova

The activity programme is great. I love it. I want to come to Ireland again.

August 2009 Olga Nepomshina

The progress of teaching was very well organized. We improved speaking, and everyday taught new words. Austin helped us a lot at lessons. In general, the atmosphere of the class was comfortable and quiet. I enjoyed to be with this teacher.

July 2009 Mattia Quinteri

Absolutely amazing!

July 2009 Baudet Bastier

Our teacher was so nice. She transforms boring subjects in interesting subjects. And we have a lot of fun at study in class.

August 2009 Evgeny Borisenko

My teacher, Austin, is a very good teacher, because every lesson he asked student about their activities […] He is very kind and process of the lesson is very interesting.

August 2009 Giulia Bonaldo

My host family is simply the best.