Rodrigo from Spain, 2014

Rodrigo from Spain, 2014

I had a great experience. The teacher was very creative. I really liked my classmates and made many friends. It was an amazing experience.

Andrea, 2014

Everything was just excellent! Teacher was extremely friendly and intelligent. I liked his natural approach. Activities are very interesting and host family is like my own family in Ireland. I don’t want to go home.

Igor from Russia, 2014

My teacher is a perfect teacher. They were the most interesting classes which I’ve ever had. I had a lot of experience of talking with people from different countries and I improved my English grammar with her help. My host family are a very lovely friendly couple. I already love them like my parents. They...

Carlotta, Italy, 2014

In this school the student work very hard but it is fantastic! I met new friend coming from all part of the world. the teacher was kind and taught me many thing. An experience not to be forgotten!

Rimma, Group Leader, 2014

ICE is one of the best schools I’ve ever been to. Friendly atmosphere, well trained staff and absolute devotion made us enjoy every minute of our stay

David Vigna, Italy 2013

The activity is really funny and I love it ‘cause I meet a lot of people of all the world.

Anna-Katherina Schmidt, Germany 2013

They are very kind people, they always help you and take care of you, they are very nice! I felt very well in their house.

Gardatte, France 2013

Really nice teacher, very good merhods because I improved mz English A LOT! Thank you very much for that.

Teresa, Spain 2012

I could not have asked for anything better. I love my host family, they talk with me all the time, they give me what I need and they are very friendly. The house is always clean and the food is so good. I’ve enjoyed all my time in the host family.

Liliya, Russian 2012

I have a great experience in the course. Thank you very much. Teachers were very good. They are the best. Exercises were brilliant.