June 2009 De Nobili

June 2009 De Nobili

I like the way of teaching so much. For the first time I understand some things […]

August 2009 Filippo Garofalo

Very good accommodation! Very helpful family!

July 2009 Alice Lonphin

Simon holds really interesting lessons, never boring. We improved our skills during the lessons – listening, writing and speaking – which I think is essential in every language course. We had the opportunity to learn a lot of English idioms. This is a part that I particularly enjoyed.

July 2009 Alice Lonphin

The food was really good and they made us feel at home.

June 2009 Alessandra Baffa

The organisation was almost perfect.

July 2009 Chiara Bianzani

I like the teaching methods very much, because we speak a lot!

July 2009 Elena Motta

We have an excellent teacher! The best one, thank you!!!

July 2009 Elizabeth Terzieva

We visited lots of places and saw some very interesting museums. It was great fun in the afternoons!

July 2009 Remy Maxime

I really enjoyed learning English in Grace’s class during these two weeks. Grace is a fantastic teacher. I recommend her to every person who wants to learn the English language and have a really nice time. Thank you very much Grace!

July 2009 Helene Lemourre

My family was so nice! I’m very happy that I‘ve met them. I’ve spoken very much English with them.