Santiago, Spain 2011

Santiago, Spain 2011

We did many interesting activities and we had a really kind leader.

Tullio, Italy 2011

Were good and very funny. I saw many beautiful places.

Sandra, Italy 2011

The activities were very interesting, funny and fantastic.

Merlijn, Netherland 2011

Very nice and interesting. We also had a lot of free time, which was really nice.

Alba, Spain 2011

The host family was perfect. They treated me like their own daughter and I felt at home.

Valerie, France 2011

Really nice and very kind people. Perfect, because close to the school.

Daniele, Italy 2011

My host family was simply fantastic! It was very useful for my English because they spoke a lot with me.

Jorge, Spain 2011

My family has been excellent, the food was really great and it I come back next year I will stay with them again.

Michele, Italy 2011

My family has been really friendly and reliable. The food was delicious and I really really really enjoyed my stay here in Malahide.

Aleksandra, Russia 2011

She is a sweet, caring woman, who cooks really nice food. Her house is cosy and the atmosphere was good. I really felt at home.