Guillaume from France 2010

Guillaume from France 2010

We did lots of activities. The teacher was very nice, kind and we learned a lot of new things; books, computers .. Congratulations to the teacher!

Didier 2009

Dear Deirdre, Thanks for your last message with comments. Eddie has returned home with a lot of compliments about the organization and already wants to go back with you next year for 3 weeks…. We are very grateful to all people involved in the school program as well as with the hosting family with whom...

July 2009 Africa Alonso

ALL PERFECT! Thank you for all. You are a lovely family! I Love you! See you later!

July 2009 Nicoletta Fittipaldi

This is my last day in this school…What can I say? I’m sorry I have to go. I wish I could stay longer, but I can’t. Time has gone by. I’ve really enjoyed my stay here. With regard to the English course, I have to say that…It couldn’t have been better! Simon is a very...

August 2009 Gabriele Zaromskyte

Kevin is the best teacher ever. His lessons are good and funny. I enjoyed the classes and the teaching methods

August 2009 Luca Navarria

Classes, teaching methods, syllabus, course book, materials used were very excellent in fact I stayed very good here and I enjoyed myself. The teaching methods was very exciting and interesting, it was a very good teaching methods! The structure of the school is very good. “The activities that I attended were very interesting and especially...

July 2009 Arianna Della Dora

My host family was FANTASTIC. Lorraine is a very good Mum and she cooks very good. I spend a funny time with them she was always available for every things. Her son were perfect and Ciara cooks a cakes very well. ALWAYS WAS PERFECT I hope that I will spend another time with this fantastic...

July 2009 Luis Alonso

I think the tuition at ICE is very interesting course there are Spain, Portuguese, French, Italy, Japanese…people and, for we talk each other we must speak English.

Maria Duenas

Dear Deirdre and Susan – Just a quick message once back home at the end of the summer to let you know that my daughter Barbara Castellanos and her friends Pilar Medrano and Pablo Cuerno enjoyed the Swords program a lot. They learned a lot of English with excellent teachers and had a very good...

Marta Graziadei

Dear Deirdre thank you very much for your writing. Martino has really enjoyed his staying in Malahide and studying at ICE. I have the inpression that he “also” (…!) learned a lot. I will for sure recommend your school to other friends. Than you very much also for the three months free E-learnig program. Kind...